Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre Signs with Vikings -- Let the Fun Begin

News just broke that the Vikings have signed Brett Favre to a one year contract. Yes, it actually happened. The idea of Favre in a Vikings uniform has been a divisive one amongst Vikings fans -- on one hand Favre is a hall of famer, on the other hand he's completely washed up and a total egomaniac who is clearly only returning for selfish reasons so he can get his petty revenge on the team that done him wrong, the Green Bay Packers.

Now I don't think Favre is a very good QB anymore, and might not even be better than Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson. Paying him 10-12 million dollars is an absurd contract that could potentially hamper the team this season. There's a pretty good chance Favre's "just having fun out there" attitude completely throws the Vikings season in the toilet. All this being said, I love this move. Love it love it love it.

Because in case Vikings fans haven't noticed, Brad Childress is our head coach. Yes, Brad Childress, the guy who calls a timeout to consider whether he should challenge a play. The guy whose favorite play is a 2 yard screen to a 260 pound fullback who runs a 5.5 40 yard dash. The guy who still sticks with an embarrassing zone blocking scheme that looks like it was drawn up by a 3rd grader. The guy who I'm pretty sure is a pedophile. That man is our head coach ladies and gentlemen, and anyone who thought we were going to win a Super Bowl with this idiot at the helm is out of their mind.

Which brings us back to Favre, and why this is such a great move. Here are basically the only two scenarios that can happen:

A) Favre returns to his former glory and leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl. Vikings fans everywhere rejoice.

B) Favre is a bust, the Vikings season is a failure (Anything other than the Super Bowl is really) and Brad Childress gets fired 0.5 seconds after the season ends. Vikings fans everywhere rejoice.

Notice how each scenario ends with "Vikings fans everywhere rejoice"? This is a win/win deal folks. We either win a Super Bowl with Favre, or Childress finally gets canned and the team can hire a competent coach who can maybe get us somewhere. The Vikings have nothing to lose in this deal and everything to gain.

Additionally, Favre will make all Vikings games must-see TV. His propensity for interceptions, Adrian Peterson's amazing playmaking ability combined with severe fumbleitis, and Percy Harvin's explosive talent combined with the IQ of a brick makes the Vikings offense by far the most entertaining in the NFL. Sure, some of the games may be frustrating, but if you detatch yourselves from the proceedings you will see how wildly entertaining Vikings games are with Favre at the helm.

So I say just strap yourselves in and go along for the ride. It's going to be a blast.

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