Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Chef Returns!

The best cooking reality show on TV returns tonight, as a full new slate of cheftestants (don't you just love that word?) battle in Las Vegas for 250,000 dollars and a whole lot of Glad Ware. I fully expect there to be lots of drama, some cooking, and a few awkward moments between Tom Colicchio and the token gay contestants. Overall, this expects to be the strongest season of Top Chef yet.

The other entertaining aspect of Top Chef is seeing how low they can go when it comes to shameless product placements. Last year we experienced the Dr. Pepper Quickfire and the Quaker Oats Challenge intermingled with close up shots of Glad Ware and Monogram ovens. However, possibly the lowest point came when eventual winner Hosea Rosenberg talked to his father who had cancer, and we were treated to a close up shot of the new T-Mobile Sidekick he was talking on. Can Top Chef possibly go any lower? I don't doubt that they can, but we will have to watch to find out.

Short entry, but I'll probably write more after I watch the first episode. I'm very disproportionately excited for this.

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